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Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration & Expropriation

Since 1985, the firm has assisted in a wide range of issues in litigation, mediation, arbitration and expropriation. Contact our experts today. 

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Litigation, Mediation, and Arbitration

The firm has completed Appraisal Reports and Realty Consulting Opinions to assist the Provincial Courts of Justice, mediators, and arbitrators for a wide range of issues, purposes, and property types.

Court cases dealt with matters relating to uniqueness of a property, resolution of disputes over the Market Value of properties for buy-out purposes, variously incorporating both retrospective and current Effective Dates of Valuation; fraud; equitable division of assets; quantification of damages arising from breach of contracts, misrepresentations, improvident sale actions; and contamination related issues.

Dino Bottero, and Oksana Vialykh, have both been qualified, and accepted by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice as expert witnesses. They have appeared at and participated in numerous court cases.

Appraisal and Realty Consulting Opinion Reports have been prepared for mediators and arbitrators for various purposes including resolution of rental rate disputes, actions relating to recovery of damages relating from appraiser’s negligence, quantification of damages resulting from breach of contracts, and resolution of asset valuation related matters.

A listing of court cases where Dino Bottero and Oksana Vialykh provided expert witness testimony can be provided upon request.

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Industries & Sectors Serviced

Property valuations and appraisal are provided for the financial industry, private and public corporations, municipalities, government agencies, development companies, legal and accounting firms, and private individuals.

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The firm has completed Appraisal Reports in accordance with Section 25 of the Ontario Expropriation Act for both expropriating authorities and expropriated parties. Property interests which have been appraised are those of entire fee simple transfer of property rights, partial takings, and permanent and temporary easements. Property types appraised are diverse including environmentally significant lands; varying density residential development sites; industrial and commercial development land; industrially, commercially, and residentially improved properties; industrial, commercial, and residential lots; and special use properties. Injurious Affection relating to the loss or diminution of Market Value to the remainder of the property in the case of partial takings or easements is always taken into account in these Appraisals.

The firm has also made presentations at and provided representation at Board of Negotiation Hearings relating to matters arising from expropriation related matters including valuation and Injurious Affection issues. It has represented both expropriating authorities and parties being expropriated at these Hearings.

The firm has worked and is working with well known and highly respected law firms which specialize in expropriation related matters.

  • We are committed to providing high standards, and excellence in our property valuation and real estate consultancy services to our very diversified clients for their varying needs and requirements.
    ~ Dino Bottero



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Our Associates

The Associates at D. Bottero & Associates Limited are members of a variety of associations based on their role at the firm. All are members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. 

Valuations & Consulting for Real Estate

For 36 years, we have provided appraisals and realty consulting services for a variety of clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

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