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Appraisals & Valuation Services

With 36 years experience servicing in the GTA and surrounding areas, D. Bottero & Associates offers the appraisal, valuation and realty services you need. Contact one of our experts today. Appraisal services are provided for a variety of real estate including development land, commercial, industrial, varying density residential, recreational and institutional sites and properties.

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Real Estate Appraisal Services

Consulting Services

Realty consulting services including rental analysis, appraisal reviews and project monitoring along with feasibility analysis to suit a wide range of client needs are provided.

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Industries & Sectors Serviced

Property valuations and appraisals are provided for the financial community, public corporations, municipalities, government agencies, development companies, legal and accounting firms, and private individuals.

Our Clients

Valuation Services

Short and Long Term Development and Redevelopment Properties

These are prepared for a variety of greenfield and redevelopment properties in established locales; incorporating a variety of land uses and densities. They are often prepared to assist in financing and asset valuation related matters, and cost sharing obligations.


The firm has prepared Appraisal Reports to provide Opinions of Market Value and Market Rent; with their stated purpose to assist in the arbitration process. Representation has been made at numerous Arbitration Hearings on behalf of clients. The firm was selected by a prominent arbitrator to prepare Appraisal Reports to settle long-standing dispute between parties; with consent of the parties and the Superior Courts of Ontario.

Asset Valuation

Appraisal Reports are prepared to assist in matters of partnership buy-outs, equitable division of assets, probate issues, and taxation related matters. These may incorporate current or retrospective Effective Dates of Valuation.

Other Appraisals

Appraisals have been prepared in accordance with provisions of the Ecological Gift Program of Environment Canada to assist in obtaining donation tax receipts from the Canadian Revenue Agency. Appraisals have also been completed for environmentally significant lands and special purpose and restricted market properties.

Development Charges

D. Bottero & Associates Limited has represented BILD in its negotiations with the York District and Peel Region School Boards with respect to School Board Development Charges. 

School Sites

The firm has completed appraisal assignments for both School Boards and development interests for the acquisition of, or the disposal of surplus school sites within the GTA.

Rental Analysis

These are completed to identify market supported leasing rates for a wide variety of property types. They are typically prepared to assist with lease renewal provisions and in the arbitration process where landlords and tenants cannot agree upon fair Market Rent for lease extensions or where the value of a lease benefit is to be identified.

Peer Review

These are completed to provide opinions as to whether the value conclusions arrived at in the Appraisal Reports submitted for review, for litigation related matters, municipal purposes, expropriations, and asset valuation, are resolvable. 

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Planning Act Provisions

The firm has completed and continues to complete appraisal assignments for a number of municipalities within the GTA and  for development companies. These relate to Sections 37 (bonusing), 42, and 51 of the Planning Act. These are prepared for calculation of the Market Value of benefits and to assist in calculation of the applicable cash-in-lieu of parkland dedication payment. These are prepared for a wide range of proposed varying density residential properties and for commercial and industrial developments. In addition, the firm has prepared policies for cash-in-lieu of high density development properties for a GTA member municipality.


Appraisal Reports are completed to assist in financing related matters. The firm is on the Approved List of Appraisers of a significant number of established financial institutions. These Appraisals consider properties on both a current and prospective basis encompassing a wide variety of property types.


The firm has prepared Appraisal Reports for both expropriating authorities and parties being expropriated. These are prepared for a wide range of property types including rural lands, commercial properties, high density residential, and development lands. These are prepared in response to the expropriation of entire takings, partial takings, permanent and shorter term also identifying Injurious Affection (diminution of value to the remainder of the property as a consequence of the expropriation), and full acquisition. The firm has represented both the expropriating authority and parties being expropriated at Board of Negotiations Hearings. On one occasion, and by consent, the firm prepared a joint Appraisal for expropriation purposes for both the expropriating authority and the party whose lands were being expropriated.

Court Appearances

Dino Bottero, AACI, MRICS, Professional Land Economist and Oksana Vialykh, AACI, Professional Land Economist, Director of Operations have appeared at and given testimony before the Ontario Superior Courts on cases and matters involving Improvident Sale Actions, Property and Asset Valuation related matters, Assessment of Real Estate Damages, Uniqueness of a Property, Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud, Assessment of Damages resulting from Failure to Comply with Contracts, and Environmental Impacts upon Market Value.

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  • Our team of AACI appraisers provide the expertise and commitment to your projects in the GTA and surrounding areas.
    ~ Oksana Vialykh

Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

D.Bottero & Associates Limited primarily provides appraisal, valuation and realty consulting services, Through a partnership with Lynx Machinery & Equipment Appraisals valuations are prepared for equipment and machinery. These are completed to the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (CUSPAP).

A Synergistic Collaboration

Lynx provides valuation and consulting reports for financing/leasing, taxation, insurance, litigation, asset valuation, acquisition and potential sale of assets.  Industries serviced include, automotive, breweries, construction, food processing, laboratories, retail, medical and dental, transportation, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and the food and beverage industry. The dedicated team at Lynx offers consistent, high quality, accredited valuations as you would expect from D. Bottero & Associates.

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Our Associates

The Associates at D. Bottero & Associates Limited are members of a variety of associations based on their role at the firm. All are members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada. 

Valuations & Consulting for Real Estate

For 36 years, we have provided appraisals and realty consulting services for a variety of clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Who We Work With

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