D. Bottero & Associates Limited represents a diversified company offering property valuation and realty consulting services.  The company was established 30 years ago and is on the approved list of accredited appraisers of major financial institutions.


Appraisal services are provided for a wide variety of real estate including development land, commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional properties.


Valuations are completed for:


-          Short and long term development lands

-          Calculation of the cash-in-lieu of parkland dedication

-          Expropriation

-          School sites

-          Proposed development projects

-          Rental and valuation arbitration

-          Financing, disposal, or taxation related purposes


These are provided for the lending industry, public corporations, municipalities, government agencies, development companies, legal and accounting firms, along with private individuals.


Realty consulting services including rental analysis, appraisal reviews and project monitoring along with feasibility analysis are provided to suit a wide range of client needs.


The Associates bring together combined experience in matters of appraisal/realty consulting. Their association represents a synergy of the various disciplines involved in the valuation and analysis of real estate; which represents a complex and changing field.